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SANDS Asset Management System is used by private companies, local authorities, Government agencies and academic institutions globally.



SANDS Asset Management System provides data capture and analysis for effective asset management. An industry leading asset management system for asset managers, engineers, researchers and scientists. Used all around the world across for a wide range of applications. Hold data centrally, analyse and share information. Identify trends over time, maximise the value of the data. Can be customised to meet individual client needs.


SANDS Asset Management System provides:

  • Central data repository
  • Sharing of information
  • User friendly map based interface
  • Mobile data collection
  • Diary of asset inspections
  • Identification of trends over time
  • Analytical tools
  • Lifecycle cost model
  • Prioritised action list
  • Reporting
  • Document linkingĀ 

SANDS Mobile

SANDS Mobile allows users to take asset data from SANDS into the field and perform asset inspections, take photos then, when back in the office upload the captured data into SANDS.

SANDS Viewer

The SANDS Viewer provides the capability to access and view existing SANDS databases. The use of the Viewer is intended for users without a need to add or edit data. e.g. in this situation the SANDS database being viewed will have been created in SANDS and provided to the SANDS Viewer user.


SANDS Free allows restricted access to some of the tools and features within SANDS. The use of SANDS Free is intended for evaluation purposes or very small projects.