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24/03/2016 15:49:24

Photographs taken with a Smartphone or Tablet with GPS capability can be used in SANDS. The device records the geographic location of the photo and stores this information within the image, when images are imported into SANDS the location data is used to position them in the correct geographic location on the map.

A six step 'how to' guide:

1) Copy the images from the device to the SANDS machine:

  • Connect the device to a computer via an appropriate USB charging cable or lightning cable etc.
  • Use windows explorer to navigate the internal storage of the device and copy the required images (The required images could also be emailed to the SANDS machine)
  • Paste the required images to an appropriate sub-folder under your SANDS project folder

2) Consider how you want to associate the images into SANDS:

  • All data in SANDS is associated to SANDS locations, these can be existing locations or new locations can be setup for the purpose (guidance on setting up new locations is provided in the SANDS user guide)

3) Ensure you have set the appropriate coordinate system for the map:

  • From the Map window under 'Map', 'Coordinate System' e.g. for the UK select 'Projected System' and OSGB 1936 British National Grid (epsg:27700)
  • Save the setup, from the Map window under 'File', 'Save All'

4) Import the images into SANDS:

  • From the Map window under 'Map', 'Import GPS Photos to Inspections'
  • The window allows the user to select the required images and the map layer they will be associated to, a search radius can be set to associate images to the appropriate (nearest) SANDS locations
  • Press 'Save'

5) View the images (via SANDS locations):

  • Simply right click a location, then select 'Photos'

6) Plot and view the images (via image position):

  • From the Map window under 'Map', ' Plot Photo GPS Locations' (a new map layer will be created displaying positions of the images plus a line to illustrate the camera direction)
  • Select the Camera icon from the map toolbar (to show/hide the Location Photos list)
  • Select the image position from the map (if displayed images are clicked the image position will be highlighted on the map).

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