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04/05/2016 15:36:17

Did you know that UK Seabed Mapping (Habitat and Substrate) data is freely available via Channel Coastal Observatory (CCO) website? This data may prove valuable to your coastal study? For example to help identify areas of different material types and compare with survey data. The following steps will help you utilise this data within SANDS:

1) Get the data via the Channel Coastal Observatory website www.channelcoast.org/

  • Select 'Map Viewer & Catalogue' then'View Maps & Search Data Catalogue'
  • Login (or register/Login)
  • Navigate the map and highlight the area of interest -Select 'Next' (all data for your selected area will be summarised)
  • Select the data required (in this case Seabed Mapping)
  • Select 'Next' and 'Add all results to basket' -Select 'View your basket' then 'Download basket'
  • Save the zip file to your system

2) Upload the data, view it in SANDS

  • Unzip the downloaded data (Tip, in the interests of good housekeeping create and unzip into a new 'Seabed Mapping' folder under the SANDS 'gis' project folder)
  • From the SANDS map window, select 'File' then 'Add Layer' (navigate and select the downloaded shape files).
  • The new layer(s) will now be visible in the map legend (e.g. Habitat and Substrate)

3) Colour code the data, edit in SANDS

  • From the SANDS map window, highlight and right click your new layer (e.g. Substrate) from the legend to edit 'Layer Properties'
  • Select 'Wizard' then select the appropriate field to differentiate the data (e.g. Substrate)
  • Select 'Next' (you will see a list of attributes e.g. Coarse Sediment, Rock, Sand etc.)
  • Select 'Next' then 'Apply' then 'OK' (the various Substrate areas will become coloured and the map legend will display the various Substrate areas)

4) Examine the data, use it in SANDS

  • From the SANDS map window, highlight the 'Attributes' tab, as you select the different Substrate areas the type and size will be displayed
  • Substrate areas may be compared with topographic and bathymetric survey data if required

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