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25/06/2015 11:49:49

How do I create duplicate line type Locations within the same Location Type layer?

Locations related to particular Location Type layers exist behind SANDS as shape files, we can use these shape files to duplicate Locations:

1) Note down the name and location of the shape file (layer) you wish to duplicate. Via the Map, select the appropriate layer from the Legend, right click the mouse, select Layer Properties then Layer tab, you will find the information under Path

2) Close Map.

3) Create an additional (temporary) Location Type Name layer (for line type Locations this needs to be GIS Type LINE). Via Locations, Location Type Admin

4) Import the existing shape file (the file related to the Locations you wish to duplicate). Via Locations, Location List, Import GIS file as Locations Ensure you import to your new Location Type Name... under Select Location type to import locations to

5) Edit the temporary names of the newly created (duplicated) locations to become something meaningful. Via Locations, Location List TIP, the most recent entries will be added to the end of the list, click Location ID to re-sort the list.

6) Relate the duplicated Locations to the same Location Type Name as the originals. I.e. Edit Location Type Name from the temporary Location Type Name to the original Location Type Name. Via Locations, Location List

7) The new (temporary) Location Type Name layer is now redundant and can be deleted. Via Locations, Location Type Admin

8) Duplicated Locations will now exist alongside the originals (I.e. the same Location Type and appear on the same Map Layer ) Duplicated locations can now be edited, modified or moved as appropriate.

Hopefully this helps?

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