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20/11/2020 10:16:11

New version 9.1.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • CPU Beach Profiles – Profile Charts - added a couple of new options to ‘Profile Chart Options’ menu, one for ‘Auto Max & Min for CPU Master Profiles’ which sets each plot’s x-axis to the min and max of all the master profiles in the coastal process unit and another option for ‘Auto Max & Min for Location Master Profiles’ which sets the x-axis of each plot to the min and max of each location’s master profile min and max. Both options have a 5% buffer at the beginning and end of the master profile.
  • Grid slicing tool – GeoTIFF grids can now be used for extracting profiles surveys.
  • Mobile Export – Fixed issue where SANDS would use all available memory when exporting a very large number of inspections with a lot of asset element photos.
  • CPU Chainage at Contour Level – Coastal Chainage plot now skips any missing values (where profiles do not cross contour level), so that a line is drawn between known values rather than back to the zero chainage.
  • Photos - fixed bug when open photos that did not have an EXIF orientation defined.
  • Database Import - Stopped auto-connecting to selected source databases. Now users can select the required source database and click the connect button to load the data from the source DB.
  • Imports – EA Profile Import – added option ‘Search by historic name’ to import profile data where the import file contains the historic name instead of the actual profile location name, SANDS then matches the profile location by the historic name.
  • GIS - Locations with an easting and northing equal to zero will no longer be plotted on the map.
  • CPU – CSA Fluctuations plot – added option to plot the CSA in ascending or descending date order.
  • GIS – fixed issue with Open Street Maps not caching correctly. Please remove the layer from the map and re-add it by selecting Add Open Streets Map from the Map’s File menu.

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