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11/02/2020 10:39:13

New version 9.0.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • Major upgrade to the latest version of TatukGIS GIS components.
  • GIS - Added ability to add Open Street Maps layer.
  • Coastal Process Unit Profile Frequency - Added ability to multi-select survey sets when adding to the process unit.
  • Wind/Wave Rose – fixed ‘Statement failed to prepare.’ when selecting a data source.
  • ADCP Import – fixed bug where import di not save imported data to the database.
  • Diary – if the inspection type is an ‘NFCDD Defence Asset Inspection’ then the Asset Overall Condition, Recommendations and Comments are displayed in the Diary.
  • Imports – Added an import for Design/Maintenance/Critical Cross-sectional Area threshold values.
  • Profiles Inspections – added ways of showing the survey type used for the inspection.
  • Profile Options – added a description field to the survey type table.
  • Profile Analysis – added the survey type column to the available columns on the form.
  • Photos – now reads the photos orientation and displays the photo correctly.

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