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10/07/2018 15:10:00

New version 8.1.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • Added new SANDS Mobile Asset Groups Export for permanently defining groups of asset locations so that you can always export the same asset locations to the SANDS Mobile app.
  • Graphing - Added ability to graph Relative Humidity from the imported CCO and CSV formatted Meteorological Data.
  • Graphing - Add ability to graph Water Temperature (°C),Turbidity (NTU),Specific conductance (µS/cm),Salinity (PSU),Dissolved Oxygen (%),Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L),Chlorophyll (µg/L),pH,BGA (Cells/mL),Depth (m) from imported CSV formatted Water Quality Data.
  • Graphing - Added ability to graph Solar and UV from the imported CCO Meteorological Data.
  • Time Series Editor - added Relative Humidity and Water Quality pages.
  • Imports - Added new imports for CSV formatted Meteorological, Water Quality, Wave and Currents data.
  • Imports – modified the CCO Meteorological data import to also import the Solar, UV and Relative Humidity data if present in the import file.
  • Imports - CCO Wave, Tide and Meteorological Data Imports – Imports now uses the data flag to set data values as missing where applicable.
  • Profile Editor – fixed issue where the profile level adjustment was only updating the level to two decimal places.
  • Coastal Process Unit – fixed bug when profiles started after the master profile and showed a spike when being plotted on the CSA Changes Plot and GIS tools.
  • General – fixed bug when invalid dates are entered which would cause an error report to be generated, now an error icon is displayed next to the date edit.
  • Location Explorer – Fixed bug when clicking on a location after the map had been closed.
  • Wave Energy Analysis – Fixed issue when setting date ranges, now validates the date range before running the analysis.
  • Locations list – fixed bug when deleting locations.
  • Coastal Process Unit – fixed bug when opening the Profile Changes Plot.
  • Error Reporting – now uses the ‘mailto:’ protocol for sending emails rather than SimpleMAPI, which is no longer supported by various email clients like Microsoft Outlook. Error report files are now saved to the users AppData\SANDS\Bug Reports folder.
  • Beach Recycle Logs – fixed bug when adding locations to a log.
  • Time Series Editor – fixed conversion from string error when using the filter builder to filter on or between dates.

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