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24/03/2015 17:18:40

New version 7.3.0 of SANDS and SANDS Free has been posted to the downloads area. General - SANDS can now be run multiple times concurrently on the same machine, connected to the same or different databases. GIS - Added layer grouping to the GIS legend. GIS - Added option to set the colour bands for grid layer i.e. LiDAR to the standard Channel Coastal Observatory colour set. GIS - Measuring Tool now displays the total distance as the cursor is moved on the map. New Inspection - Facilities Inspection and Assessment. Beach Profile Inspection - added Photos list view to the inspection form which shows a list of photo thumbnails associated with the current survey. CPU Profile CSA Change Summary: GIS Export - now prompts user to overwrite the shape file if one already exists. Profile Graphs - fixed problem where the legend colour didn't update if the line colour was changed in the chart editor. CCO Met Data Import - significantly increased the speed of the import. Diary - fixed access violation when opening the form. Fixed issue for plotting wave/wind rose for individual days. Cefas Wave Hindcast Import - fixed issue where the wind vector direction was being import as direction to rather that direction from. Location type Admin - fixed issue where the location type list would get sorted when a new type was added. Now the GIS type can be set without having to find the newly added location type.

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