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SANDS v9.2.0 Released:

Posted 09/02/2021 17:28 by Sean

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New version 9.2.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • Coastal Process Unit – Added Profile Analysis by Levels, analysis can now be performed against all the locations in a process unit. All results are now stored in the database for quick retrieval. Reports can be generated and printed or saved to PDF and Excel. The levels for each location can also be set on the same form.
  • CPU Profile CSA Changes Summary – Fixed issue where the list of CSA Diffs where being displayed from the top of the list instead of against the correct location.

SANDS User Conference 2020 Playback

Posted 20/11/2020 10:27 by Sean

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The SANDS User Conference 2020 playback can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.sandsuser.com/api/download?id=53295 

SANDS v9.1 Released

Posted 20/11/2020 10:16 by Sean

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New version 9.1.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • CPU Beach Profiles – Profile Charts - added a couple of new options to ‘Profile Chart Options’ menu, one for ‘Auto Max & Min for CPU Master Profiles’ which sets each plot’s x-axis to the min and max of all the master profiles in the coastal process unit and another option for ‘Auto Max & Min for Location Master Profiles’ which sets the x-axis of each plot to the min and max of each location’s master profile min and max. Both options have a 5% buffer at the beginning and end of the master profile.
  • Grid slicing tool – GeoTIFF grids can now be used for extracting profiles surveys.
  • Mobile Export – Fixed issue where SANDS would use all available memory when exporting a very large number of inspections with a lot of asset element photos.
  • CPU Chainage at Contour Level – Coastal Chainage plot now skips any missing values (where profiles do not cross contour level), so that a line is drawn between known values rather than back to the zero chainage.
  • Photos - fixed bug when open photos that did not have an EXIF orientation defined.
  • Database Import - Stopped auto-connecting to selected source databases. Now users can select the required source database and click the connect button to load the data from the source DB.
  • Imports – EA Profile Import – added option ‘Search by historic name’ to import profile data where the import file contains the historic name instead of the actual profile location name, SANDS then matches the profile location by the historic name.
  • GIS - Locations with an easting and northing equal to zero will no longer be plotted on the map.
  • CPU – CSA Fluctuations plot – added option to plot the CSA in ascending or descending date order.
  • GIS – fixed issue with Open Street Maps not caching correctly. Please remove the layer from the map and re-add it by selecting Add Open Streets Map from the Map’s File menu.

SANDS v9.0 Released

Posted 11/02/2020 10:39 by Sean

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New version 9.0.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • Major upgrade to the latest version of TatukGIS GIS components.
  • GIS - Added ability to add Open Street Maps layer.
  • Coastal Process Unit Profile Frequency - Added ability to multi-select survey sets when adding to the process unit.
  • Wind/Wave Rose – fixed ‘Statement failed to prepare.’ when selecting a data source.
  • ADCP Import – fixed bug where import di not save imported data to the database.
  • Diary – if the inspection type is an ‘NFCDD Defence Asset Inspection’ then the Asset Overall Condition, Recommendations and Comments are displayed in the Diary.
  • Imports – Added an import for Design/Maintenance/Critical Cross-sectional Area threshold values.
  • Profiles Inspections – added ways of showing the survey type used for the inspection.
  • Profile Options – added a description field to the survey type table.
  • Profile Analysis – added the survey type column to the available columns on the form.
  • Photos – now reads the photos orientation and displays the photo correctly.

SANDS v8.1 Released

Posted 10/07/2018 15:10 by Sean

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New version 8.1.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • Added new SANDS Mobile Asset Groups Export for permanently defining groups of asset locations so that you can always export the same asset locations to the SANDS Mobile app.
  • Graphing - Added ability to graph Relative Humidity from the imported CCO and CSV formatted Meteorological Data.
  • Graphing - Add ability to graph Water Temperature (°C),Turbidity (NTU),Specific conductance (µS/cm),Salinity (PSU),Dissolved Oxygen (%),Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L),Chlorophyll (µg/L),pH,BGA (Cells/mL),Depth (m) from imported CSV formatted Water Quality Data.
  • Graphing - Added ability to graph Solar and UV from the imported CCO Meteorological Data.
  • Time Series Editor - added Relative Humidity and Water Quality pages.
  • Imports - Added new imports for CSV formatted Meteorological, Water Quality, Wave and Currents data.
  • Imports – modified the CCO Meteorological data import to also import the Solar, UV and Relative Humidity data if present in the import file.
  • Imports - CCO Wave, Tide and Meteorological Data Imports – Imports now uses the data flag to set data values as missing where applicable.
  • Profile Editor – fixed issue where the profile level adjustment was only updating the level to two decimal places.
  • Coastal Process Unit – fixed bug when profiles started after the master profile and showed a spike when being plotted on the CSA Changes Plot and GIS tools.
  • General – fixed bug when invalid dates are entered which would cause an error report to be generated, now an error icon is displayed next to the date edit.
  • Location Explorer – Fixed bug when clicking on a location after the map had been closed.
  • Wave Energy Analysis – Fixed issue when setting date ranges, now validates the date range before running the analysis.
  • Locations list – fixed bug when deleting locations.
  • Coastal Process Unit – fixed bug when opening the Profile Changes Plot.
  • Error Reporting – now uses the ‘mailto:’ protocol for sending emails rather than SimpleMAPI, which is no longer supported by various email clients like Microsoft Outlook. Error report files are now saved to the users AppData\SANDS\Bug Reports folder.
  • Beach Recycle Logs – fixed bug when adding locations to a log.
  • Time Series Editor – fixed conversion from string error when using the filter builder to filter on or between dates.

SANDS v8.0 Released

Posted 23/10/2017 14:23 by Sean

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New version 8.0.0 of SANDS has been posted to the downloads area. New features include:

  • Introduction of the SANDS Mobile App and support for importing/exporting associated asset inspections databases.
  • General – Added Database Import for directly importing data from other SANDS databases.
  • General – Added a new facility to allow SANDS to open any database configuration file.
  • GIS – Added raster grid comparison for generating difference grids of LiDAR and Swathe Bathy data
  • GIS – Added facility to view the CCO WMS layers for users that have an account on the CCO website (create an account here).
  • New Inspections – Added SBC Coastal and SBC Bridge Asset Element Inspection.
  • Diary – ‘Diary Entry’ inspection has now been renamed to ‘Asset inspection’.
  • Asset Inspection – added Condition, Priority & Recommendation fields to the inspection form.
  • Diary - added Condition, Priority & Recommendation columns.
  • General – Added Asset condition assessments - Generate prioritised action list.
  • GIS - Added contouring function for raster grid layers.
  • Storm Analysis - Added option for identifying the peak of the storm by the highest wave height, by default the peak of the storm was identified by the highest wave energy.
  • Profile Editor - Move Profile Origin - fixed issue where recalculated profile chainages were not being saved correctly.
  • GIS - Added raster grid Z values list, available from the map's view menu, which shows the z value for all active raster grids at the current mouse position.
  • GIS - Added embankment sectioning to produce cross-sections at an interval along a line identifying the highest crest level in the section.
  • Location Documents - Added start and stop times for video playback (requires VideoLAN VLC media player)

SANDS 7.3 released

Posted 24/03/2015 17:18 by Anonymous

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New version 7.3.0 of SANDS and SANDS Free has been posted to the downloads area. General - SANDS can now be run multiple times concurrently on the same machine, connected to the same or different databases. GIS - Added layer grouping to the GIS legend. GIS - Added option to set the colour bands for grid layer i.e. LiDAR to the standard Channel Coastal Observatory colour set. GIS - Measuring Tool now displays the total distance as the cursor is moved on the map. New Inspection - Facilities Inspection and Assessment. Beach Profile Inspection - added Photos list view to the inspection form which shows a list of photo thumbnails associated with the current survey. CPU Profile CSA Change Summary: GIS Export - now prompts user to overwrite the shape file if one already exists. Profile Graphs - fixed problem where the legend colour didn't update if the line colour was changed in the chart editor. CCO Met Data Import - significantly increased the speed of the import. Diary - fixed access violation when opening the form. Fixed issue for plotting wave/wind rose for individual days. Cefas Wave Hindcast Import - fixed issue where the wind vector direction was being import as direction to rather that direction from. Location type Admin - fixed issue where the location type list would get sorted when a new type was added. Now the GIS type can be set without having to find the newly added location type.

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